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Week 2 NFL Survivor Pick

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Week 2 NFL Survivor Pick - 9/17/2015 Free NFL Analysis

flickr Writer: Rob O'Connor

Well Week 2 of the NFL season is upon us and we survived the first week with Arizona pulling out a win at home against the Saints. The alternate picks of NYJ and Tampa went 1-1, so we are alive in well in most pools.

This week things do get a little easier, with a few bigger favorites at home.

The Colts are a 7 point favorite over the Jets, but remember you are only allowed to use each team once in a season, so I am going to pass on the Colts in Week 2, as I believe their week 4 game at home against Jacksonville would be a much better spot to use them.

The Saints are a 10 point home favorite over Tampa and this is a great spot to use the Saints. The Saints do also play Jacksonville at home, but not until week 16 when most pools have already finished. 

The Saints looked competitive against Arizona last week, while Tampa Bay just looked lost against the Titans. Now you are asking a rookie QB to win a road game in a very tough stadium. It most likely won't happen and that makes the Saints a great Week 2 survivor pick.

Other teams under consideration include: Pittsburgh Steelers. They will be well rested off of a Thursday night game, while San Francisco is coming off of a late Monday game and then going across the country to play the Steelers. The only other better spot to use the Steelers would be in November against Oakland. So if you don't use them this week, hold off on them for a while. 

The Colts, while I would not use the Colts as my main pick this week, I may use them as an alternate pick, just so I am not over exposed on the Saints, but overall the Saints should be the primary pick this week.

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