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How do I earn rep points?

Rep points can be earned in a variety of ways. You earn 5 rep points just by logging in every day and 1 point for each comment or upvote/downvote. Premium purchases are also good for a rep point per dollar, this includes renewals.

What can rep points be used for?

Rep points can be used in our monthly drawings to win prizes such as free premium memberships and gift cards to numerous popular stores.

What is the difference between free and premium picks?

Premium picks are our highest confidence expert sports picks. They generally are more accurate by 15-20% compared to our free picks. We try to cover the majority of games with our free picks regardless of our confidence level in the pick. Premium packages offer an excellent value to lock into our best plays.

When my premium membership expired I got charged again, what's the deal?

Memberships are set to renew automatically by default. Changing this setting is simple, first click on your username in the top right. This will take you to the My Account page. From here simply toggle your auto renew setting off and then click save. This will turn auto renew off and you will not be charged again unless you decide to toggle that setting back on.

There is so much content, how do I get the best results?

For the best results we would recommend a premium package. Our premium members get our most confident plays and do not have to weed through all of the games we write up.

I just purchased a premium package but I can not view premium content, what is going on?

Please use the contact us page or email immediately. We will figure out what happened.