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Orlando Magic 2013-2014 NBA Season Preview

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Orlando Magic 2013-2014 NBA Season Preview - 10/26/2013 Free NBA Analysis

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Key Additions: Victor Oladipo, Jason Maviell, Ronnie Price

Key Departures: This seasons hope

The Orlando Magic will look to take full advantage this season of the flawed NBA drafting system which rewards teams for tanking. The Magic are a team which is essentially built to lose now in order to win later. There are however some pieces on their roster to be excited about. The drafting of Victor Oladipo was a great low risk high reward pick by this team and his excellent performance in the summer league this season is a great reason for there to be hope for him in the future as an incredibly athletic point guard. It will also be interesting to see of Andrew Nicholsona and Maurice Harkless can develop into usable pieces for Orlando in the long run. This is however, a team which is not going to be very competitive on a nightly basis.


To be even mediocre in the NBA you have to have either your offense or defense in good shape, the Orlando Magic have neither. Even if all the young pieces make significant strides there is just no way this team will be able to put together any type of wins and unfortunately that is exactly the recipe for success. Tanking this season will give Orlando a great chance to cash in on next years loaded draft class and having such a low payroll will enable them to vigorously pursue next summers elite free agent class. So do not despair Orlando fans, hope is on the horizon but unfortunately it is on the horizon for next season. This season looks to be a lost one with the only positive being playing experience for the young guys and a chance to determine the worth of their current roster.

Projection: 19-63 

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