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The Ramblings of a Frustrated 76ers Fan

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The Ramblings of a Frustrated 76ers Fan - 12/4/2014 Free NBA Analysis

Well the Philadelphia 76ers avoided the worst start in NBA History by picking up a road win against the Timberwolves last night.

The Wolves of course were without their top three players, but this is still a big accomplishment for the lowly 76ers!

I would not expect them to win more than 10 games this year. 

Being from Philadelphia I have season tickets to both the 76ers and Villanova basketball. Feel free to drop me a note if you would like to buy some 76ers tickets. (I think they are going for about $7 on stubhub) Villanova plays 5 games this season on the 76ers court. I tried to find odds in Vegas that Villanova would win more games at the Wells Fargo Center this season then the 76ers would, unfortunately that prop bet does not exist (although I think it all you bookmakers that read this blog get on that one please) Since I couldn't find odds that Villanova would win more games at the Wells Fargo Center (no Wells Fargo does not pay me to name the stadium in my articles) I ended up betting a long time friend a night of beers at the bar that Villanova would win more games. he took the bet, I am looking forward to my beers and more 76ers road wins!

Seriously, this has to be the worst strategy in NBA history. Yes they have been more competitive over the past few weeks, but overall its brutal to watch and you know what the outcome will be each night. Hopefully the few talented players the 76ers have stick around and we get a few free agents this offseason (hell it shouldn't be hard, the 76ers are about $20 million under the salary cap at the end of the season JaKarr Sampson will get a big bonus check from the 76ers to bring them up to the floor of the salary cap)

Looking forward to the 76ers being competitive for the 2018 season, if the players or owners don't opt of the collective bargaining agreement before the season starts!

As for this season I will be rooting for a few more road wins...and anyone that thinks Kentucky would be 17 point underdogs to the 76ers is crazy....I would take the 17 all day

  1. Author: zacattack  345 Rep Points   POTD: Kansas -4 1/2

    and as you thinking Kentucky would beat any nba team is comical Kentucky almost looses to sec teams that are awful believe me 76ers would crush Kentucky the nba just like the nfl compared to ncaa football is a whole nother game every player inn the nba is anthletic freak that would run right by Kentucky 18 to 19 year old little boy remember college kids are young and dumb my friend ill stop beating a dead horse but the 76ers would win inn nba timed game 4 quarters 76ers 106 Kentucky 77 a BEATING straight Beating I mean luc Richard mbamute would not be stopped by anyone on Kentucky that guy is a men amongs little kids

  2. Author: zacattack  345 Rep Points   POTD: Kansas -4 1/2

    easy bud I know its a joke I mean your sixers they are bad bad bad but let me try and talk some sence to you my man I know nobody wants to hear the wait 3 or 4 years thing but carter Williams is going to be a future ALL-STAR I think nerlens noel will actually pan out guy is working hard I can see the sixers starting lineup inn 2018 carter Williams at the point they get aaron Harrison from Kentucky inn the draft 2015 with a top 5 pick kj mcdaniels is going to be great player great find inn the draft late they get an aging superstar back inn igudaula the still have joel embed who could be the next hakeem oljuwan you guys by 2018 I know its 3 years but sixers inn the east think start making there way 76ers are on the right track inn the nba the only way to get better is tank get a top 5 pick or bring 3 superstars inn on free agency just remember my friend 2018 76ers are a top 4 seed inn the playoffs and are competing inn the division with Brooklyn who will never be good I the knicks are just awful Toronto well there inn Canada nba could care less and the boston Celtics are ran by danny aige I mean philly has some upside I wish we could fast forward to 2018 patience is virtue my friend plus inn 2018 if your not good you will have a chance at the next Lebron or KD I mean look at the warriors man I takes 5 or 6 awful years to get some superstars be positive and keep faith the city of brothery love will be back

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