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A Look ahead to NCAA Playoff Elimination Games

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A Look ahead to NCAA Playoff Elimination Games - 10/28/2014 Free NCAAF Analysis

The NCAA selection committee will be releasing their first top 25 ranking tonight.

While this will give the public a good idea of where the one loss teams stand in the rankings.

It is safe to assume that Miss St and Florida State will be #1 and #2.

Then it is wide open for the #3 and #4 spots at this time.

My personal order for a top 10 would be

1. Miss State

2. Florida State

3. Alabama

4. Oregon

5. Auburn

6. Notre Dame

7. Ole Miss

8. Michigan State

9. TCU

10. Georgia

The good news a lot of these teams will be beating up on each other in the coming weeks, lets look ahead to some big Elimination games

1. This Saturday night Auburn travels to Ole Miss, the loser will get their second loss and most likely not be winning the SEC West, meaning their playoff chances will take a big hit.

2. Also Saturday in the PAC-12 one loss Utah travels to one loss Arizona State. The loser is done!

3. In two weeks #6 Notre Dame will travel to take on #15 Arizona State. If Arizona State beats Utah at home, both teams will still have 1 loss the loser is certainly out of the running for a playoff berth.

4. Also in two weeks Utah will host Oregon. If Utah pulls the upset at Arizona State and has one loss coming in, this becomes an elimination game with the loser being out of the running.

5. Ohio State travels to Michigan State in two weeks, with the loser having no shot to make the playoffs.

6. Alabama travels to LSU in two weeks. If any two loss team has a shot to make the playoffs it would be a two loss SEC West team (we will get into the odds of a two loss SEC team making the playoff in a seperate article). LSU has two losses and Bama has one. The game is in Death Valley and if LSU loses they are done, if Bama loses it will be a very tough road for them.

We can go on and on with key elimination games in the SEC, the conference is so good they are having their own version of a playoff before the real playoffs begin.

Auburn at Alabama

Miss State at Alabama

Miss State at Ole Miss

Georgia at Auburn

All of those SEC games will play a huge factor in if a no loss, a one loss or a two loss SEC team will have a shot at the playoff.

The rankings that get released tonight will be meaningless, the games will be played and teams will be eliminated in the coming weeks as the first season of the playoff has proved to be an absolutely crazy one!

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