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Trying to figure out who will make the first College Football Playoff

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Trying to figure out who will make the first College Football Playoff - 11/17/2014 Free NCAAF Analysis

Well another week is in the books and fewer and fewer teams have a shot to make the first college football playoff, unless of course more teams then ever have a chance to make the college football playoffs.

There are still a lot of ugly senarios out there, especially in the SEC and PAC-12, which could both be left out of the playoff under some pretty crazy circumstances.

First a look at the likely four teams to make the playoffs:

Florida State survived their last tough test (another ugly road win in Miami) and should finish undefeated and make the playoff w/ a chance to defend their national title. Of course they could lose an ACC Championship game to Duke or Georgia Tech, which would really cause chaos. But for arguements sake let us assume Florida State does not screw up and will be in the playoff. I currently keep them as my #3 seed.

Mississippi State will undoubtly drop in the next playoff seeding, but how far is the question. I still have them in as a #4 seed and I do believe that if they beat Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl they should make the playoff even if they don't play for the SEC Title because Alabama does.

Alabama will move up from #5 to #2 in my projection. They control their own destiny, win out and they are in. I don't think they will have trouble wining the SEC title game, but getting their could be problematic, as they still have to face Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Auburn will do everything in their power to try and end Alabama's season.

Oregon now takes over the #1 slot in my projections. If they win out they will make the playoff. However if they lose the PAC 12 title game, I am not sure a 2 loss PAC 12 makes the playoff.

As of now the top four are:

1. Oregon 2. Alabama 3. Florida State 4. Mississippi State

On the outside looking in are 5. TCU 6. Baylor 7. Ohio State 

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but my final guess will be that at least one of the top 4 falls. In our next article we will take a look at some doomsday senarios that would leave the PAC-12 and SEC out of the playoff completely.

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