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Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Team Preview, Prediction, Odds

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Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Team Preview, Prediction, Odds  - 8/6/2015 Free NFL Analysis

wikicommons Writer: Kenneth Arthur

The Philadelphia come into this season looking like a completely different team than last season as Chip Kelly continues to make this team in the image he sees as best which seems to mean a team full of largely nameless players and a big name coach.

Prediction: On offense this season expect the Eagles to run a ton of plays and get some pretty respectable numbers as with Chip Kelly’s system it is pretty difficult to not put up points and pile up yards whether or not it leads to wins or not is a completely different story. The Eagles for reasons unknown to many decided that they would be better off with Sam Bradford running this up tempo offense than Nick Foles so it will be very interesting to see of Bradford can stay healthy enough for long enough to successfully run this offense. The DeMarco Murray pickup could be massive for this team as if he can produce anything like last season he is going to be a massive part of this offense. The addition of Tim Tebow to this roster could mean much or nothing but I think that will largely depend on the health of Bradford. Honestly I will be very surprised to see Kelly’s plan of cutting big name talent pay off unless some no name players really step up and Bradford somehow stays healthy for the whole season.

Defensively the Eagles were not good last season and I do not see that changing much at all this season with Kelly continuing to largely ignore the other side of the field as he attempts to make a name for himself by being an offensive ‘genius’. The Eagles should be mainly concerned with the effectiveness of their secondary as with their offense putting up big points opponents are going to throwing the ball with regularity that is assuming the offense really is generating all the points it is supposed to.

Projected Record: 9-7 


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