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Top 10 NHL Enforcers 2013-2014 Season

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Top 10 NHL Enforcers 2013-2014 Season - 11/11/2013 Free NHL Analysis

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Top 10 NHL Enforcers 2013-2014 Season

Hockey Fights are one of the reasons that hockey fans love the NHL. Another facet of this wonderful sport is the fact that some players only role is to beat up players on the opposing team. In this article we will explore the top ten enforcers through about 20 games in the 2013-2014 season. 

10. Cam Janssen - New Jersey Devils: Right Wing

Cam Janssen might be one of the most beloved tough guys in the NHL. Janssen is an all around good guy in this humble writers opinion. He's respectful of his opponents and a funny, good guy for the locker room of any team. Those are reasons why Janssen has been able to play in 315 NHL games since the 2005 season. In that span, Janssen has acquired 752 penalty minutes and 252 hits. This season is a bit of a change for Janssen right now as he already has two goals, a feat which he has never accomplished in his career. Janssen is known for long fights where he beats opponents on conditioning. If you're going to pick a fight with Janssen, then you better be prepared to go ten rounds. 

9. John Scott - Buffalo Sabres: Left Wing

John Scott is a player many fans like to hate. They have good reason especially after the irresponsible head shot to Loui Eriksson this season. Surpringly that was Scott's first offense in his career even though he has had some goon like antics in the past. John Scott has 324 penalty minutes and 217 hits over 187 career games. Scott is a huge guy at 6'8 and 270 pounds. Few NHL enforcers enjoy trading punches with Scott and even fewer players like to play the Sabres with Scott in the lineup due to his bone crunching hits. 

8. Mark Frazer - Toronto Maple Leafs: Defenseman

The Maple Leafs are stacked with enforcers this season and they will not be an easy game for anyone this season. Mark Frazer has just 16 points through 147 career games but he has thrown 348 hits. Frazer has accumulated 187 penalty minutes in his career. He already has 16 penalty minutes through just four games this season. Frazer is a big guy that not many players in the NHL would want to swap punches with.

7. Frazer McLaren - Toronto Maple Leafs: Left Wing

Frazer McLaren has been a two team man throughout his career. He has spend time with both the San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs since joining the league in 2009. All you need to know about McLaren is 82 total career games and 208 penalty minutes. He also has 100 career hits. McLaren is a serious enforcer and he already has 21 penalty minutes through just seven games this season. He will throw down with anyone when the time is right and you have to respect his grit even though he has not played in many games in his career.

6. Jared Boll - Columbus Blue Jackets: Right Wing

Jared Boll was drafted in 2005 by the Columbus Blue Jackets and they know they have a quality player in Boll which is why they have held onto him through six seasons. Boll has participated in 402 NHL games in his career and has posted 991 penalty minutes along with 467 hits in that span. Boll has already accumulated 24 hits and 28 penalty minutes through 14 games this season. Jared Boll is a guy that plays with his heart on the line and that is shown by 52 career points. He's a good locker room guy and one who could possibly duplicate the feat that Chris Neil has performed in Ottawa. Blue Jackets fans can only hope that Boll will be a lifer like Neil.

5. George Parros - Montreal Canadiens: Right Wing

George Parros might be the most recognizable and well known NHL brawler there has ever been. Parros has been around since 2005 and has accumulated an average of over two penalty minutes per game in his 457 NHL game career. Parros has scored just 35 points in that span and is a -10. Parros already has 32 penalty minutes thhrough five games in the 2013-2013 season. Parros is one of the most feared enforcers in the NHL and a guy that GM's salivate for when looking for potential fighters.

4. Chris Neil - Ottawa Senators: Right Wing

Chris Neil has been a constant for the Ottawa Senators. For the past twelve seasons, Neil has played in at least 60% of their games. Neil has played in 796 NHL games over his career and has accumulated 2044 penalty minutes as well as 1040 hits. He is one of the most skilled enforcers in the league with 214 career points. Neil is a solid two-way option that any coach would be pleased to have in their lineup. Neil has 39 penalty minutes and 60 hits through 17 games in the 2013-2014 campaign thus far. 

3. Rich Clune - Nashville Predators: Left Wing

Rich Clune is having a career year already when it comes to being an enforcer. Clune has played 70 games in the NHL while being shuttled back and forth to the AHL from 2009. Clune has participated in nine games for the Predators this season and he is very aware of his role. He already has 40 penalty minutes and is a -5 with - points and just three shots on goal. Clune is starting to gain the reputation of a scrapper who will not back down to anyone, he knows when to get into a fight and when to turn one down. Look for Clune to be a big part of the Predators team this season.

2. Ryan Reaves - St. Louis Blues: Right Wing

Ryan Reaves like most of the St. Louis Blues club is a completely underrated enforcer. Reaves has been in the league for four years and has played in 146 NHL games. He has put together 331 penalty minutes and 441 hits in that span. Reaves is also fairly talented as a four liner as well. He has 17 points in his career and his a +6. Reaves has speed and good hands but he knows his main roll is knocking opponents teeth out. He is also good at getting under the other teams skin.

1. Colton Orr - Toronto Maple Leafs: Right Wing

Colton Orr is the definitive tough guy. Orr has been in the league for almost a decade now and he has racked up 1127 penalty minutes in just 437 games. Colton has just 24 points in that span and is a -32 in his career. He is not on the ice for any other reason but to cause pain and suffering for opponents. Orr already has 51 penalty minutes through 15 games this season. He put a staple on this season by knocking out veteran enforcer George Parros on October 1st. Colton Orr is the number one tough guy in the NHL for the 2013-2014 season. 

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