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Rep Points NHL Sportsbook

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Time Teams Spread MoneyLine Total
11/15/2018 New Jersey Devils
3:05 PM Philadelphia Flyers
11/15/2018 Florida Panthers
3:05 PM Columbus Blue Jackets
11/15/2018 Tampa Bay Lightning
3:05 PM Pittsburgh Penguins
11/15/2018 New York Rangers
3:05 PM New York Islanders
11/15/2018 Detroit Red Wings
3:35 PM Ottawa Senators
11/15/2018 Vancouver Canucks
4:05 PM Minnesota Wild
11/15/2018 Nashville Predators
5:05 PM Arizona Coyotes
11/15/2018 Montreal Canadiens
5:05 PM Calgary Flames
11/15/2018 Toronto Maple Leafs
6:35 PM San Jose Sharks